VW T6 2.0 TDI Chargecooler Radiator


Product Feature

Product Description

Forge has a well-established reputation for offering the best in chargecooler radiator upgrade kits for high-performance German vehicles - Audi S4 to Mercedes AMG A45’S.

Using the knowledge gained in developing these uprated chargecooler radiators, we have used our proven testing and development procedure to develop an uprated kit for the Volkswagen T6 2.0TDI 180 & 204PS Transporter. The Forge all-aluminium construction chargecooler radiator offers extra reliability over the OEM type radiator with plastic endtanks that can fail with time. Maximising the available space behind the bumper of the vehicle the Forge chargecooler radiator offers a 50% increase in frontal area and a 50% increase in volume over the OEM.

The radiator is a single pass design with inlet and outlet at diagonal opposites optimising the flow of coolant across the entire radiator core.

Available in our highly durable stain black powdercoated finish.

The kit is supplied with:

1x chargecooler radiator
1x coolant hose kit
2x billet aluminium hose coupler
All the necessary hoses clips and fixings