Our Range of Quality Actuator Parts

Being the pioneers of full replacement wastegate actuator technology for internally gated turbochargers, the Forge Motorsport upgraded Actuator Parts range is designed to compliment any application making higher than stock boost levels. 

Our quality manufactured Actuator Parts can be supplied with different base spring pressure ranges, so the spring tension that best suits their application needs, and the target output can be applied. With full billet aluminum bodies, laser cut stainless steel brackets, and fast response piston or diaphragm based internals, all Actuator Parts have been approved for use by the sanctioning bodies of multiple race series' and are used by numerous shops and teams around the World. Machined in the UK, hand polished in house, and our limited lifetime guarantee, means there's no better choice of actuators anywhere in the world. 

Please take a look at our available range of Actuators and Actuator Components below, for further information.